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    There isn’t one body part that is as important in our everyday life than our hands and fingers. They do myriad functions for us every minute of every day – in fact they are often only at rest at night when we sleep.

    If your hands and fingers become sore or stiff, you could have arthritis – especially if this doesn’t go away.

    My mother suffered with arthritis and especially in her hands, I saw her struggle daily to do the most inane chores. Turning the doorknob, tying my shoe laces, lifting a pan or simply holding a book caused her pain. As I grew older, I saw her hands become deformed.

    Today there are more options for people with arthritis in their hands. Some things are still used, however. She was taken to hospital twice a week (we didn’t have a car then – like most people) in the ambulance for paraffin treatment and this is still done today. However you can get packs of paraffin so you can do the treatment more conveniently at home. This treatment relieves the pain and stiffness for a while so it is definitely worth doing.

    Another thing that didn’t change was exercise. She was encouraged to use her hands as much as possible and do certain exercises for them, even though they were painful. Exercise today is still an important part of treatment as it helps to keep your hands and fingers flexible and builds strength.

    If you believe you have arthritis in your hands, go visit your doctor so he can do tests to find out and then prescribe medication to help you. It is also important that you let him know everything you are doing to alleviate your pain and your symptoms, even if these are natural remedies. It is important to work with your doctor on this so he needs to know all the facts.

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